Coaching in the workplace 90 hour course

ACSTH acreditation - Acredited by ICF - International Coach Federation

ZAKO 90 hour course: Coaching in the Workplace  - a complete course of coaching in the working environment

The coaching mindset you develop during the course will enable your people to become more engaged, more independent and more readily take on responsibility. Your improved communication skills will positively impact on your relationships with your people as well as with your relationships with customers and suppliers.

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The Venue:

Chateau Gbelany, Zilina, Slovakia – reconstructed baroque stately home near Zilina amidst a beautiful English park.
90 hour course "Coaching in the workplace" is now available and also running online

The Course is Ideal For:

HR managers, operational managers at all levels, business owners and internal coaches.


The course is highly interactive and experiential with an excellent Tutor/Trainee ratio of one tutor to 3-4 course participants.

It is made up of 3 x 2 day taught Modules PLUS intensive support activities between Modules in the form of peer coaching, group coaching supervision, action learning and individual mentoring.Following the

Following the 3rd module, participants are supported by individual coaching, further mentoring and Action learning focused on the application of coaching in the workplace. 


Zlatica M. Stubbs, MA, PCC, MKcS

PhDr. Mgr. Jarmila Záborská, PCC

Mgr. Peter Seemann, PhD., ACC


The course is taught in English, or in Slovak


Course dates:

Autumn series 2019 - completed

Spring series 2020 - completed

Autumn series 2020 - completed

Spring series on line in English:

            Module 1. - 28th - 29th January 2021

            Module 2. - 25th February 2021

            Module 3. - 7th - 9th april 2021

Spring series in Slovak:

            Module 1. - 18th - 19th March 2021

            Module 2. - 29th - 30th April 2021

            Module 3. - 10th - 11th June 2021

Module 1 (2 days + 6 hours integral support activities):

Main topics:

The Goal: Understand the principle and philosophy of coaching

-         Coaching as a form of personal development of an individual or a team ( what does it bring to me, to the team or to the company)

-         Basic coaching skills in line with the ICF competences 1-11, (ethics, active listening, powerful questioning, building awareness, designing actions)

-         Basics of coaching process GROW and Solution focus (further IFC competencies ie contracting, coaching presence, planning for action, taking action)

-         Application of coaching skills and processes through practical work in triads, using authentic topics of the participants supervised by tutor/coaches                      - one tutor to 3-4 participants.

Module 2 (2 days + 6 hours integral support activities):

Action Learning – on the first evening

Sharing realisations gained through self-reflection on practice of learning in the workplace, focus-group coaching between participants, feedback from professional coaches/tutors.

Main topics: 

The goal: Learn to apply the selected coaching techniques in practice within the workplace

-         Basic skills according to the ICF competences 8 – 11 ( supporting learning and results)

-         Application of coaching in the workplace interactions eg appraisals, motivational conversations, performance feedback, challenging conversations         and coaching in the moment

-         Team coaching (GROW, Appreciative Inquiry, Disney Strategy), group coaching, management styles – directive v. non directive


Module 3 (2 days ):

Goal:     Develop own coaching style and learn how to build a coaching culture.

-         Refresh the key ICF coaching competencies 1 – 11

-         Application of coaching in the workplace interactions eg appraisals, motivational conversations, performance feedback, challenging conversations             and coaching in the moment

-         Bringing the coaching culture into a company, where to start, developing coaching management style

-         Specific action steps in own workplaces


Integral Support Activities required between Modules (12 hours plus 4 hrs homework)

a)    Homework:

        Specific action steps in the workplace agreed at the end of each taught module – self directed learning 2 hours (2X1hrs).

        Reflection on set pieces of reading – self directed learning/ homework -  2 hours (2X1hrs)

b)    Peer coaching amongst participants – individual coaching in triads, practicing basic coaching skills ( goals, active listening, powerful questioning,    coaching process, self reflection) under the supervision of  tutors/ professional coaches – 4 hours (2x2hrs)

c)     Group coaching supervision/Action Learning via ZOOM lead by a professional Coaching supervisor – 4 hours (2x2hrs)

d)    Individual mentoring via telephone by the allocated mentor/professional coach – 4hours (4 x 1 hour)
Follow-up after 3rd module:
e)    Individual coaching following the third module (2x1 hour)
f)    Action learning following the third module 3x 2 hours
Final assesment (1 day - live assessed coaching session).

It is mandatory for participants to be present during the final assessments of their colleagues, as it is also part of their training. They provide a feedback to the participants being assessed as the part of the assessment process.

Certificate will be awarded only following the successful assessment result.       


Course Fee:

2790 Euro excluding VAT for 90 hours, including the lunches and evening meals as indicated. Accommodation is paid individually by the participants. Online modules are spread over longer time as a result of shorter days online and also include additional support from the lecturers.

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Participants of the previous ZAKO workshops I. – III. will have the costs of attended workshops deducted from the price above.


To register please send an e-mail to
Looking forward to meeting you online or in the Chateau Gbeľany in January 2021!